Recent Test Success

Congratulations to Maia Andrews, who lives in Crowthorne and attends Edgbarrow 6th Form for passing her Practical Driving Test on her 1st attempt with only 2 driver faults.  Examiner Helen said ‘She did you proud Louise.  Only 2 driver faults and the rest of the drive was delightful. Thank you Maia’.  Maia had only 26 hours of tuition, coached/Instructed by Louise alongside which Maia had plenty of practice and support from her mum.

Well done Maia!!  

Well done Issy Mason from Hook and the 6th Form College Farnborough, who passed her practical test at the 1st attempt on Fri 4th May.  Examiner Liz commended Issy on a superb drive during which Issy recorded just 3 driving faults (minors). 

Coach Rob Tillier says, "Issy has worked extremely hard and has adopted a diligent approach to ensure that she is a safe, confident and competent driver.  Today's result is testament to that effort.  Issy has attened our Safer Young Driver Workshop which deals with the true causes of crashes, and recognises that there is still more to do with Motorways, Night Driving and and advanced driving test to come".

This result would not have been possible without the massive support given by Issy's Mum & Dad with hours of practice outside of the professional lessons.  Thnk you both.  This truly was a team effort generating a fantastic result!

Many congratulations Issy!! 

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