accelerate exists to minimise the risk of death or serious injury in a road crash caused by young drivers​

Many congratulations Annabel Mair from Crowthorne and the 6th Form College Farnborough who passed her practical test at the 1st attempt on Tues 19th June.  
This result has been achieved via the epitome of what accelerate is all about - a huge team effort between the accelerate trainer/coach, the learner and massively supportive parents, who really have listened to professional advice and acted upon it.  
Annabel came to accelerate somewhat disillusioned with her prior instructor.  Whilst she had expectations of an early test, on the basis of previous advice, when first meeting Rob, the accelerate trainer/coach, she soon came to realise that actually she needed to be at a significantly higher level of competence and confidence.  Annabel has worked incredibly hard and has put disappointment behind her as she has strived to achieve not only a test pass but a level where Rob can say without hesitation that Annabel is a safe, competent and confident driver. 

Rob offers heartfelt thanks to both Annabel and her parents for enabling this to happen.  Take great pride Annabel, Fiona and Andy in what you have achieved and of course...............  

Well done Annabel!!

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