Lucy Pygott  1999-2016

On 8th November Lucy Pygott who, whilst doing what she loved most, was killed by a car driver.  


Rob was with Lucy and Lisa, her Mum, when she received her 1st set of GB kit.  Lisa and Lucy were so proud, as was Rob, as he was set to be working with an extremely talented young athlete.  Lucy went on to win the bronze medal in the 3000m at the European Youth Games as a 16 year-old in the U18 category - a fantastic achievement.  Rob and Lisa were communicating by phone immediately before, during and after the event, both euphoric at Lucy's immense success.


No sooner was Lucy back from that event than she was attending our 1 day Safer Driver workshop; another 4 weeks on and she took our car park based Practical Driver Session with Mum and brother in the back.    


Rob took her for her 1st practical on road lesson on Mon 7th Nov.......and 27 hours later her life was taken.  Somewhat ironic that it happened through somebody doing what she herself had vowed never to do.......

Lucy was working with Rob to make her the safest driver she could possibly be.


All of us at accelerate have been deeply affected by Lucy's loss which goes wholly against what we stand for as a safe driver training organisation.  It strengthens our resolve to do everything we can to minimise the risk of such an incident recurring most especially in NE Hants.


We will continue to serve the Hartley Wintney community to produce the safest young drivers we possibly can.


Lucy, we will remember you as a highly talented, humble, bright and cheery young lady - a  symbol of excellence and the dedication it takes to reach such levels. 


Our hearts will be with you always.  Rest in peace Lucy.


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