It is important that you meet your coach before embarking on any lessons. We recognise that learner drivers and/or parents/guardians make a significant investment in driver training

We also recognise that you are investing in:

  • A skill for life

  • Being trained to drive safely in the most dangerous of travel environments 

  • A safe training environment for the learner driver


With that in mind, we take great care to ensure that learner drivers and/or parents/guardians have confidence and trust in the instructor before lessons start through our free, no-obligation, 1-hour consultation (Worth £50) in your own home!


Through this consultation, you will be able to establish with the coach the approach that best suits you.  Equally the coach will find out about your background, experience and motivations before devising an appropriate learning plan. 


The learning plan will be built around a number of advanced learning approaches so as to maximise the actual driving time whilst in the tuition car. 


Contact Us to arrange your free consultation and initial 1 hour's tuition. If we cannot accommodate for what you need in a coach, we will be happy to advise and direct you further and pass you onto someone in our connection of driving instructors.