Our Work in Schools & Colleges

We are delighted to have been supported by the Hants Police & Crime Commissioner with funding to enable us to minimise the risk of death or serious injury caused by young drivers in Hampshire.  Without this support we would be severely limited in what we can achieve.


The statistics make bleak reading

There has been no reduction in road deaths in the UK since 2011.  Indeed, there was a 4% increase between 2015 & 2016.  1792 people were killed on UK roads in 2016.  Whilst the government will argue that we have the 4th safest roads in the world behind Norway, Switzerland and Belgium, that is still 1792 deaths too many.


Road Traffic Collisions are the BIGGEST killer of young people


Between 2012 & 2014

  • 26% of deaths and serious injuries in road traffic collisions were caused by young drivers who make up just 7% of licence holders
  • 3103 deaths or serious injuries of 16-18 year olds were caused by young MALE drivers
  • 579 deaths or serious injuries of 16-18 year olds were caused by young FEMALE drivers


Hampshire has the 3rd highest number of deaths and serious injuries caused by road traffic collisions as compared with all other GB regions.


96% of young driver crashes are attitude and behaviour related with the main causes of death and serious injury being:

  • Excessive speed
  • Too close following (the gap)
  • Lack of seatbelts
  • Distractions
    • Passengers
    • Mobile phones
  • Drink and/Drugs



The solution (at least part of it)

Whilst accelerate offers practical driver training, more recently we have elected to focus on the real dangers young drivers face. 

The evidence is very clear.  If we start the discussions around young driver safety from the age of 14, we are much more likely to shape attitudes than if we start at 17.  Hence our work at Robert Mays School in Odiham and Rowhill School in Aldershot.  Further we can still have an influence once 17 is reached so we continue our work at The 6th Form College Farnborough. 


The work we do in these schools and colleges is based around our award winning accelerate Safer Young Driver Workshop which focuses on causing attitude and behaviour change in respect of risky driving strategies.


Our endeavour is to expand this offering into more forward thinking schools and colleges in the coming months/years.


We would be delighted to discuss what we can do within other schools/colleges if you have an interest.  Please contact either Rob Tillier rob.tillier@go-accelerate.com  07749 725332 or Louise Davidson louise.davidson@go-accelerate.com  07958 711319 for more information.


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