RoSPA Young Driver Hub


accelerate works with RoSPA on a number of activities and uses a number of its resources in our Safer Young Driver Training Programme



The RoSPA Young Driver Hub provides a plethora of resources to support both young drivers and parents/guardians and urges you to review the information provided.


Young Drivers

Learning to drive is a key moment in the life of many young people and can be a time of anxiety for parents. Being able to drive allows greater independence to get around, especially in areas where public transport is limited. However, the sad fact is that in 2015, young drivers aged 17-24 made up only 7 per cent of UK full driving licence holders yet were involved in 22 per cent of fatal or serious collisions in which they were the driver.

The information contained within this young drivers' hub is aimed to guide young drivers through the process of applying for their licence, learning to drive, and the first few months once they have passed their test. Much of this information will be of interest to parents or guardians especially if they are thinking of providing private practice coaching.

Further information can be found on the RoSPA Helping Young Drivers website.


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