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Approachable and Entertaining Manner

Ben, with his approachable and entertaining manner, is able to create an environment which is easy to learn in and, importantly, one in which you enjoy doing so. He managed to mould me into a very confident driver and that is thanks to his relentless desire to strive for perfection.

- Karen Dack

Fantastic Driving Instructor

Ben Weeks is a fantastic driving instructor who has worked me with from unassuredness behind the wheel to confidence in my ability to drive. Progress has come steadily, nurtured by his patience, friendliness and great advice. I cannot recommend learning with Ben enough.

- Agnes Vayssiere

A Very Kind and Patient Man

Driving with Ben was both fun and helpful! I was getting prepped for my driving test with him and needless to say, I was pretty nervous during the weeks prior! But he made sure that I would stay calm, and that I got better at my weaknesses! A very kind and patient man!

- Matt Mweu

We Would Definitely Recommend

Ben was always very polite and courteous in all communication we had, both one to one and by email.  There were never any communication issues.  Our daughter said you were funny and made the lessons enjoyable.  She felt that you had a good relationship and that you understood her very well.  This calmed her anxieties about driving and made her confident.  We would definitely recommend you to others.  The company marketing was excellent and the home consultation very useful.  We felt that consideration was made to ‘match’ Ellie with a suitable driving instructor.  We definitely feel safe when Ellie is driving us around.  It also helps that since passing her test she has a black box and we can check how good her driving is by the percentage on an app.  She did so well that the insurance company lowered the insurance premium on renewal!  I should touch wood before saying this, but she is accident-free a year after passing her test. 

- Tracey Malins 

Very Calmly Giving Him Confidence

Our son had failed his test three times before he had lessons with Ben.  As a parent it was great to see Ben very calmly giving him confidence in his driving again and seeing him pass on his next attempt.

- Andrew Jackson

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