Theory & Hazard Perception

 Full details of the theory and hazard perception tests can be found at


Our driving instructors prepare you for the theory and hazard perception tests which every learner needs to pass.  You'll also receive valuable tips, information and computer-based learning aids.


Note that both theory and hazard perception elements have to be passed in a single sitting.  Failure to pass one of the two elements

will necessitate taking both exams again.


The pass rate is approximately 50% with failure for the most part being down to lack of preparation.   


The theory test 

The theory test is a timed multiple-choice test comprising 50 questions taken from a pool of 963 (yes 963) covering 14 topic areas from the Highway Code. The pass mark is 43.

You have no way of knowing which 50 questions you will get on your test so it is imperative that you have a thorough understanding of the topics covered to ensure that the test is passed.  accelerate will provide a 1 year licence for access to a sophisticated learning tool which will enable you to ensure that you know the answers to all 963 possible questions and have a thorough theoretical understanding.


The hazard perception test

In the hazard perception test you will see 14 video clips of driving situations.  Something will happen requiring you to take action (a developing hazard) and you will be marked according to whether you noticed the problem and how quickly.  You must get 44 out of a maximum possible mark of 75 to pass.  accelerate will provide a 1 year licence for access to a sophisticated learning tool which will enable you to practice for this test with videos very similar to those used in the test itself.


Safe Driver Training Syllabus
This document contains the complete accelerate Safe Driver Training Syllabus including the 14 topic areas and the associated number of questions in the theory test question bank and a hazard perception overview.
Syllabus - Theory Test.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [54.5 KB]

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