Your approach

You are about to invest a significant amount of money in developing a skill for life in a dangerous environment.  Your approach to this investment should be well considered.


Most important in the approach is deciding

  • what you want to learn
  • how you approach the learning
  • who will teach you
  • what they will teach. 


A detailed discussion on the approach is given in the following document.  

An Approach to Learning to Drive
Learning to drive - an approach.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [110.8 KB]

A summary of the recommendations follows

  1. Set objectives - define what you want to achieve and by when you want to achieve it.
  2. Study for the Theory & Hazard Perception and Practical Driving tests concurrently followed by Pass Plus
  3. Ensure that your chosen instructor can meet your requirements or recommend a suitable alternative.
  4. Select a good driver training organisation AND instructor.
  5. Ensure the instructor is licensed
    -  fully qualified (green licence holder)
    -  part qualified (pink licence holder)
  6. Do not pay standard rates for instruction with part qualified instructors.
  7. Insist that you meet the instructor before taking any lessons.
  8. Ensure that the instructor can show you the Code of Practice/Conduct to which he/she adheres.
  9. Ensure you have seen and sat in the instruction car before committing to take lessons.
  10. Ensure the car has dual controls.
  11. Ensure the instructor's car is fully insured for Learner Driver training.
  12. Ensure that the instructor has professional indemnity insurance.
  13. Ensure that you receive and have thoroughly read and understood a set of terms and conditions before committing.
  14. Do expect to pay £30+ per hour for a quality learner driving experience.
  15. Don't expect cheap to be cheerful - there must be something inadequate in the offering!
  16. Ensure that the instructor will provide receipts for all payments.
  17. Ensure that the instructor maintains a record of lessons taken for your keeping.  
  18. Ensure that your instructor keeps a progress record for your keeping and that it is updated at the end of every lesson.
  19. Ask how the instructor ensures you get tuition for the full time for which you have paid.
  20. Ensure that you are ever the only learner in the car - you do not want to be paying for somebody else to be driving.
  21. Ensure that the instructor knows what you want from your lessons and will accommodate your requirements.
  22. Ensure the focus is on SAFE DRIVING and not just passing the tests. 
  23. Ensure lessons are 1.5 - 2 hours in duration.
  24. Take at least 2x 2-hour lessons per week.

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